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Down at the animal zombie parade

are the flesh eatin’, brain chompin’,

killin’ brigade.

They don’t hate - or dis-crim-in-ate, if you’re black, white or green,

if you’re nice or you’re mean.

Your brain tastes the same, so come along if you’re game.

There’s brain stew if you’re new or bone-meal if you’re not

If you’re after a drink then there’s pink lemonade.

at the glorious flesh eating animal zombie parade.

Cat rides Lily pad to unknown destination to “get out of the public eye” after exhausting few months promoting Sheba with Eva Longoria. 

Not a crudely drawn cat

Not a crudely drawn cat

crudely drawn urban skateboarder cat.

The creepy cat couple. 

The Spice Cats.

Bikini Cat!!!! Catkini!!! Cats with tits!!!

Setting the bar high! My very first shit cat picture.